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Rope crusher realizes recycling of waste resources in paper mill

There are many kinds of paper mill waste, the most common is twisted rope, pulp slag. Twisted rope and pulp slag if stored and treated improperly will cause a great deal of environmental pollution, so here we simply say how to deal with twisted rope and pulp slag.

The twisted rope contains a lot of iron wire, most of which are intertwined with plastic, causing great difficulties in direct separation and recycling. Therefore, the plastic and iron wire should be broken before being separately recycled, and then separated and recycled.

At present, most domestic paper mills produce about 50-150 tons of wet material per day of waste, and dry material weighs about 30-100 tons. A rope breaker production line with output of 10 tons/hour, power of about 500kw, 10 hours a day can meet most of the requirements of paper mills.

Post time: Feb-16-2023