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Current level of winding machine in China

Made in China, the development of the present, winding machine industry technology how? At present, the winding machine in the Chinese market mainly includes: 1. External slot winding machine, external winding machine. There are many kinds of winding machine, stator winding machine. Ceiling fan winding machine. Winding machine is an old technology, so the price is relatively low. Ceiling fan winding machine before, single controller double station, more.

Now the development, there are double control double station, single control four station, single control 6 station servo winding machine. There is also a four station belt rotating 180 degree winding machine. Now the use of servo motor more, more scissors, tensioner. In addition, the mold can be made into a precise linear mold with spring. There’s another one that adds a spool, a precision spool. The wiring is more beautiful. The overall level has improved significantly. The appearance of wound products has been improved.

Post time: Feb-17-2023